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Prior to the housing crisis in 2008, home prices were always thought to increase over time and investing in a home almost always worked out well for our parents’ generations. However, things have changed nowadays, and the relationship between supply and demand is affected by things that happen in your local area – potentially changing home prices drastically! An increase in hiring by a big employer or a bank dumping foreclosed homes on the market is all it takes to do it.

We believe in providing our customers the most accurate predictions of the change in home prices based on all the essential factors. In order to help our customers make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a new home, we have developed our ‘Home Investment Report Card’ for each home in our coverage area(s). Depending on the type of home, location, and a range of other factors, certain homes will increase in price whereas some home prices will go down.

Our ‘Home Investment Report Card’ can accurately predict how this price will change over the foreseeable future for your chosen home, and more importantly, it tells you why – giving you the power of information. Click here to learn more.