PricingNation was launched in 2013 with the intent to provide its customers the best possible financial information regarding how their chosen homes will change in price.

The U.S. Housing Crisis shed a lot of light on the volatility of housing as a primary investment. The home has always been the center of the ‘American Dream’. We at PricingNation are committed to help prevent people from losing their dreams. A homebuyer has a lot riding on their home purchase, and should have insight into whether or not their home is a good investment. We believe in providing as much financial knowledge as possible to homebuyers to help them make the best decision based on all local information that is available. We believe that ‘Main Street’ should have the best financial knowledge possible.

That is why we have developed a tested statistical methodology that takes into account all the local level demand and supply factors and forecast how the home price will change in the future. Our ‘Home Investment Report Card’ provides our customers with necessary information to help you make the right decision, and puts you in the driving seat.

Our philosophy is to provide superior financial information to our customers, empower them to make the right decisions and protect their investments. We are here to help – we are here for you.