Tony Ettinger, Co-Founder and Chair of Advisory Board

Mr. Ettinger has been a leader in applying analytics within the financial services industry for the last thirty years. He was a founding investor of several market leading companies including C-BASS and Sherman Financial. Previously, Mr. Ettinger served as a Managing Director for Fortress Investment Group, Global Head of Specialty Finance for Maple Financial Group, President of Credit Based Businesses for Enhance Financial Services Group.
Mr. Ettinger received his MA in Economics from Tufts University and an MBA from Dartmouth's Amos Tuck School.

Raj Koganti, Co-Founder

Raj has years of experience on deriving research-based solutions for a range of fundamental problems in the financial markets. Previously, Raj has advised corporations, private equity funds, and hedge funds on financial restructuring, risk management and new business opportunities by working closely with client's senior management teams, including presentations for board members and committees. Prior to that, Raj has developed a firm-specific (R)BM theory that describes the functioning of entities in China and other emerging economies by using survey data that was hand gathered from local government officials, domestic & foreign private equity partners on their companies in China. One of his academic papers was selected to present as "Current Thoughts on Entrepreneurship in Emerging & Transition Economies" at the prestigious Strategic Management Society's 29th Annual Meetings in Washington, D.C. Raj received his AB and BE from Dartmouth College.

Dan Cummings

Mr. Cummings has more than 30 years experience in commercial real estate investment management, working with sophisticated institutional investors executing investment strategies around the world. He was a founding member of LaSalle Investment Management, a past member of the Board of Directors of Jones Lang LaSalle, and later, initiated The Carlyle Group's international real estate investment activities. He is currently Managing Director - Real Estate for Harvard Management Company. Mr. Cummings received his AB in Economics from Dartmouth College, and his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Hunter W. Wolcott

Mr. Wolcott has been a leader in mortgage analytics over the last thirty years and was instrumental in the founding of the Mortgage Servicing Rights Industry. Mr. Wolcott was the founder and CEO of Reserve Financial Management Corp, a financial services firm in Miami, FL that became Bayview Financial Corp., in 1994. In addition, he founded RF/Spectrum Decision Science Corp., an Oakland, CA mortgage analytics provider sold to FiServ in 1999. Prior to forming Reserve Financial in 1979, he was chief operating officer of J. I. Kislak, Inc., and vice-chairman of Skylake State Bank.
Mr. Wolcott is the Managing Partner of the investment fund Winterthorn Global, LP, and President of the Wolcott Family Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.

Dr. Jacob Zahavi

Dr. Zahavi has been a global leader in the commercial application of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases over the last twenty years. He is the mastermind behind GainSmarts, one of the leading data mining software packages, which is the two-time winner of the prestigious gold miner award in the KDD CUP competition. Dr. Zahavi is professor emeritus in the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and a frequent lecturer at the Wharton School and other leading U.S. universities. Dr. Zahavi holds a Ph.D. in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, a M.Sc. in operations research from the Technion - Israel's institutes of technology and a B.Sc. in economics and statistics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Dr. Camilo Gomez

Dr. Gomez is Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research at CreditRiskMonitor. He has been a leader in applying advanced adaptive analytics to business problems in the areas of both consumer and commercial credit for over fifteen years. Previously, Dr. Gomez was a Managing Director at Standard & Poor's since 2001. Prior to that he was a co-founder of the Center for Adaptive Systems & Applications ("CASA"), a company spun out from the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he had been a researcher. Formed in collaboration with Citibank, CASA provided quantitative analytical consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Gomez earned a B.S. and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jerry Conrad

Mr. Conrad has been a leader in the use of analytics and software development applied to insurance and lending over the last thirty years. Mr. Conrad's innovations have included determining the correlation between credit files and probability of litigation and at-fault auto accidents; using Rx history to generate mortality predictions; and the use of credit behavior to determine future credit losses. Over the course of his career, Mr. Conrad has partnered with Allstate Insurance Group and General Re Insurance. Mr. Conrad was a Co-Founder of the First National Bank of Marin - the first issuer of a secured credit card; and Founder of Qualitative Credit Systems as well as the Primary Group of Companies. Currently, Mr. Conrad is the major shareholder and Chairman/CEO of Unidos Financial Services, a full-service financial company serving the underbanked.