The Most Reliable Real-Estate Forecasting Company

As of July 2016, PricingNation's monthly forecasts recorded less than a one point difference from actual monthly results as reported by S&P/Case-Shiller. Our forecasts are released 12 months in advance providing a valuable resource for home owners, buyers, and sellers to validate current market trends. As the "Most Reliable Real-Estate Forecasting Company," we intend to publicly monitor our forecasting results to be fully transparent to our customers. We are currently the only real-estate forecasting company that publicly tracks and reports its performance, because we are confident in the strength and accuracy of our forecasts. The graph below visualizes our historical performance month to month.

The graph below visualizes our historical performance month to month, and please note that PricingNation's forecasts are released 12 months in advance when compared to Case-Shiller's actual results


There are numerous companies out there that try to predict what your home is worth today using some sort of appraisal method. Most of them employ Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) that have been available in the market for years to estimate the current price of a home. Unfortunately, AVMs are not very accurate and have been accredited by many to be one of the underlying reasons for the US housing market crisis in 2008.

Our models do not rely on AVMs. Our proprietary models assess multiple demand and supply factors that affect change in local home prices, and then apply those to your home. We use a suite of regression models that have been back-tested on data during periods when homes prices have both gone up and down to reach statistically significant confidence in our forecasts . Our forecasting models are highly statistically significant. We forecast changes in home price based on factors that matter to your specific home, making our .Home Investment Report Card. the most reliable tool available on the market.